The Year Has Just Ended

Three hundred sixty-five days is enough time to come up with something. And this year, I practically started with nothing.

The year 2011 is about my career goals. But while setting them, I was able to start with a temporary one just enough to keep some money on the pocket.

It had been a fun year learning a new trade and that was online teaching. I even got to South Korea just because of it. It was a fun job. Truly!

For the first time since I stopped practicing my profession, my dad seemed proud of what I was doing!

But because I have to grow and be what I have been trained to become, I chose the rocky much harder career climb.

For the next four years, I will be committed to nothing but hospital work.

I'm scared but for my daughter, I have to go through it.

2012 marks the end of a carefree life and the beginning of new responsibilities!


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