I have never underestimated the power of a smiling face.  

On my way home from work, my driver (Kuya Sergio) stopped at a red light at the intersection of EDSA and East Avenue in Diliman.  Pedestrians were scrambling about trying to hurry in crossing the street.  They were in groups.  And then a few seconds before THEIR green light turns red, there was a man who was jogging his way across the street with a genuine smile on his face.  I was quite certain that he wasn't smiling because he is beating the red light for pedestrians.

Oh happy thoughts!   I don't know what was the reason behind his smile and I will probably never know.  However, I'm sure that it came from deep within.  That kind of smile is out of true happiness.  It wasn't even a big smile of satisfaction nor excitement.  It was subtle however, it was contagious.  He would never know that someone who saw him smile made that someone smile (That was me, of course.  I couldn't say for the others who saw him).  

There was once an experiment done on how people react to a positive human stimulus.  The researchers wanted to know the effect of a simple "Hi" or smile on other people.  They had "good" results, if not great.  People smiled back.  It was that simple.  

You don't have to spend a big amount in order for you to get that elusive smile back.  (We're not talking about those creepy smiles).  Only the stone-hearted wouldn't melt and give.  

Most people who are considered attractive are those who smile more often.  That is true.  I don't think people are attracted to someone who don't even smile back.  If girls wanted to win a beauty contest, they need to have the most beautiful genuine-looking smile.   If boys wanted to win friends and get more girlfriends, they should know how and when to give that disarming boyish smile.  

People get what they want if they ask for it with a smile.  The grumpy clients don't get the best treatment.  They get what people can come up with at that time just so they'd leave at once.  There is a tendency for us to make and give the best to those who we want to please... those whose smile we want to keep on or else suffer the wrath of a grimace.

Whatever the reason, smile.  It is always for our own good.


  1. So true! And combine a heartfelt smile with "thank you" in all appropriate settings and you're set!


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