Making Choices Like A 12 year-old

I have been talking to my 12 year-old student for the two months now.  We are discussing about almost everything.  This week we were discussing about a woman who chose a poor guy over a rich one.  And my 12 year-old student think that it was a right choice just because the poor guy was a kind man.  She even mentioned that having or not having money is not a valid consideration.  According to her, it's not one of the criteria on choosing who to marry.

And then, it hit me.  I'm making choices like a 12 year-old.  I was asking her questions and playing Devil's advocate just in case she wants to change her mind about her answers.  But she was pretty firm about her decision.

It's acceptable to think that way ... if I was still 12 years old. But I'm already 20 years older than my student.  Somehow, it was a sad realization that I thought that her choice was not very practical and sadder even when I realized that I'm thinking the way she thinks.

Money matters.  That's the truth.  We cannot choose who we love but we can choose whoever we want to marry.  And sometimes, we need to marry someone with money.  Rarely, we can choose one who doesn't have any.

Are we supposed to marry someone we don't love, then?


  1. I personally believe that love should be a decision made from the heart and the mind. Its doesn't necessarily mean that we should love someone for money. It just means that we should make wise decisions and be happy with what we end up with. Although I would somewhat agree with you. Because yes, love can only get you so much. =)


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