Choice of Reading Material

I was in the mall and passed by two magazine stalls today.  I was kind of hugging some issues, old and new but ended up buying nothing.  Instead, I spent hard-earned money in a couple of cheap paperbacks - one for my kid (who still cannot read) and one for me.  I guess I find the fictional books more interesting than the glossy pages of fashion and lifestyle of the elite circle of the country (and of another country).  

I was so tempted, mind you.  Good thing, I didn't give in to my whim to buy something of no use at my age.  Maybe, to some other person, the glossy pages of pricey items and tips on sex and other activities of daily living are of high importance. And for me, the important thing is to buy something that will take me away from the reality of not being able to afford anything at all. ^_^


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