Coffee And Mormons

I've been spending a lot of time in coffee shops, haven't I?  It seems my posts are somehow related to them.

Just a while ago, I saw a group of young Mormon missionaries inside Starbucks right across their temple.  I remember someone telling me that Mormons are not allowed to have coffee.  I wonder if they're also not allowed to drink tea.  If so, they must be hear for the Apple Pockets.

If drinking coffee is a sin against God, does that mean I put coffee before God?  Is coffee so good that I am purposely defying God with every cup?

Honestly, I haven't read anything from the Bible saying something against drinking coffee.  I also wonder if they had coffee back then.  They had wine.  And look what alcohol does to people.   I don't hear any church banning alcohol from their lifestyle.


  1. when i was in elementary, i have a mormon friend, but we never talk about our religion so i have no idea that they don't drink coffee.

  2. Hmmm... I never Mormons weren't allowed to drink coffee pala. Bagong trivia yan.:)

  3. Me too, I never knew that either. Yung restrictions lang ng mga Iglesia alam ko kasi meron ako friends na Iglesia. Di ako pwede dun, ang strict. =|

  4. Really? I never knew that Mormons were not allowed to drink coffee. I wonder why. =)


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