Paying Respects To Another Boss

Awhile ago, I was approached by one of my immediate superiors.  She told me that my shift manager was complaining that I wasn't greeting her "Good Morning Ma'am" when I do my biometrics near her office.  I reasoned out that I didn't know I was supposed to do that and I have never heard anyone doing that.

She told me that I need to because the shift manager was the sister of the owner's (the one I saw before) sister.  I was a bit irritated.  I don't mind greeting anyone.  In fact, I usually greet the lady and the "manong" janitor whenever I see them on the floor.  It's because they were looking at me and so I felt the need to acknowledge their presence.  But the shift manager, who doesn't even look anyone's way, demands to be greeted whenever she's in the room.  I wonder if she thinks people should bow down.

In my previous jobs, I greet those who I respect irregardless if they are the owner of the establishment I'm working in.  I guess, for me, acknowledging is showing much deserved respect to that person.  However, the shift manager who really don't do anything for her subordinates, demands so much effort from them in order to establish her position.  In fact, she is one of those who order the air-conditioning to be turned while everyone of us is sweating and having asthma attacks because of the heat inside the room.

I'll greet you "Good Morning" when you turn on the air conditioning during the whole shift.  If not, don't expect me to bow down every time you pass by. 


  1. Whoa. Pa importante? I like your ending statement sis, if only they can read this! :)

  2. sis infected sya ng KSP (Kulang Sa Pansin) Syndrome.. hahaha! Oooopps! ;)


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