Office Politics

Long ago, I wouldn't have any clue what THAT was all about.  I've read about it mostly in magazines but have never understood what they were driving at.  Politicking and all other terms, they were actually useless to me.

However, this year, I have been dragged and so are the others into office politics.  It's like each encounter was a round in a boxing match.  There's no time limit.  And the punches keep piling up.  Some people duck while the others catch every punch.  Most are spectators.  And some don't even know what is going on until they get punched in the jawline themselves.  

With all those getting involved, there is no fair fight.  

When someone throws a punch, the next move is to make yours.  It's like an exhausting cycle.  And in order to get people in your team, you resort to back-stabbing, name calling.  You name it, they do it.  

Personally, I'm quite sick of it all.  Who damn cares about the last man standing when all the rest falls down.


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