Finding Some Balance

My dad once asked me about the YinYang sign.  He described it and asked what it was about.  Even though my parents had made it big as compared to where they began, they haven't had the privilege to know a lot of things besides making a living.

And so they have sent us, their kids, out there to learn what they haven't learned.  This was one of the very few times when I would be asked to help out in something.

I knew that the Yin Yang was all living in balance.  I explained that the good and bad in this world is really for the general good.  Not good things are entirely good and not bad things are entirely evil.  There will always be a good in every bad and vice versa.

Each one of us takes part in each others' lives.  One cannot stand alone.  In order to find balance, there will always be two or more.

Too much of a good thing does not stay as a a good thing anymore.  It loses the pleasure it gives.  When you have it for so long, it becomes unpleasant and taken for granted.

Too much of a bad thing hurts people.  It becomes a heavy weight and people can do nothing but lose their balance -  their center - then crumbles.

There has to be something that will steady them.  Our own balance is within us.  The external forces is counteracted by our internal forces.  These internal forces, on the other hand, is created and strengthened by the external forces.  Without one or the other creates a force that may push or pull us down to our knees.


I am finding my own balance these days.  I know within myself that I'm not pushing myself harder in order to pull myself up.  There is just too much of a good thing and it worries me.  Call it pessimism but I feel that if I don't do anything, I might regret it in the future.  I need to find the balance in my life.  I need to terrorise myself a little bit in order to wake up my drive for something that I don't seem to want to work for but I HAVE TO WORK FOR IT.

Right after this, I'm going to do what I'm supposed to do.  You should too.


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