The Unloved Hate

The phrase "the unloved hate" came from a house music mix playing at the work place.  Yes, we have party music at the office.  It gives us more fun doing our work.

There was a speech in that mix and it was clear and should I say, intense enough to hear and understand.  My co-worker told me that it was Charlie Chaplin who was making a speech.  It was a surprise since I thought Charlie Chaplin didn't make any sound.  I was stupidly making assumptions from the movies he made (that I've seen so far).  I didn't know he stood for something.

Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I vaguely remember, he was around during the time of war.  And in this speech that I heard for the first time, it was about the war.    And so, I had to search for it and share this link - The Great Dictators Speech -  where I found the whole thing.

Sometimes, I forget the most important of all - those people that really matters whether they are around or not.  My attention is easily diverted to those who want to make my life miserable.  (They are actually making all attempts to get me in trouble.)

At some point, I am starting to become like them.  I began to hate their existence.  You might say that it seems that I'm against a lot of people.  Truth is, it wasn't just me that they're trying to topple down.  I've seen them get other juniors get in trouble.  This year, it was my turn.  That's how muchs unprofessional about their work.  Oh wait, they don't actually work.  They just make a mark on the bundy clock when they get in and when they get out.

I'm at a point when I'm almost past that (although they are still putting all efforts to drag me back in).  But of course, I'm not going to let them.  I have more going on in my life and a lot to focus on besides their hate.

Charlie Chaplin's speech shed a light on what they truly are - the unloved.   There are times that I forget that I was loved and have a happy life.  These days, it's easy to remind myself.  It's easy not to hate.  It's just a matter of having a tunnel vision.  All you see (and hear) are the people that matters to you and the goal to succeed for them.


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