Bed Weather Today

Husband woke up at five this morning and as routine, I also get up from bed.  After realising that it was a Saturday and I don't have to get up from work, I instantly am wide awake.  Hugged my husband before making my own cup of coffee.  He has to go to work so early even if it was raining outside.

After getting ready, before getting out of the door, he sent a text message to his client Ryan who was scheduled for a 6am tennis game.  There was no reply.  He tried calling but phone cannot be reached.  He was not getting out of the house until he gets a reply.  He also called the activity center office to ask if the tennis courts were reserved for a certain company and found out that it was booked the whole morning.  And so, 6am class was not possible.

Ryan finally sent a response saying that it's okay to move the class at 1pm instead of 6am.

Hours after, Ryan and two more tennis players cancelled because of the weather.

Even though we need the income, I'm happy to have had breakfast and lunch with my husband here at home on a Saturday.  It doesn't happen very often.  Makes me happy.


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