What I'm Not Saying

Okay so I'm swearing by this:  I'm going back to blogging.  However, I don't know which ones I have to tell out there to nothingness and which I am going to keep in my subconsciousness.  Whatever it is that I want to let out in this web world should just be in the web world. 

What I'm going to openly write is things that might be acceptable, relate-able and never anything like that new TV series SENT.  Hopefully, I don't make that mistake. 

I do speak forcefully and annoyingly righteous at times.  I don't know if I can really do it in writing.  I'm not organized in physical things let alone, those abstract thoughts jumbled in my mind. 

And so, it is with much effort that I would be writing down everything in my mind.  What I'm not saying should be in writing.  Of course, with temperance which I'm working on to let go.  I don't have the option to say anything freely.  Hopefully, I have the option to write freely. 


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