Crying In Public

I was in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf after work today.  I was planning to catch up on my reading for an upcoming exam.  I was hoping for peace and quiet since it was still around noon time expecting that the coffee shop will be almost deserted.  Unfortunately, there were lots of people hanging out in the coffee shop for business, pleasure and a couple of them like me, for academics.

I was trying to read my book a bit more intently and I had to give more effort than usual.  It was because two ladies were talking a bit too loudly and one of them started to sniff and cry.  The whole coffee shop was hushed for a couple of minutes, probably to listen to the ladies' conversation.  I didn't quite get what they were talking about but I'm quite sure it was about a treacherous man - wild guess.

After that incident today, I realized that people need to give more effort on pulling back some of their emotions. I am sympathetic to the lady who is undergoing some terrible situation.  Unfortunately, there is a place and time for everything.  The timing was right but the place was not quite as it should be.

I have stopped myself a couple of times before from showing my true emotions, especially in the work place and when wearing my uniform.  You see, I'm quite very emotional.  Maybe more emotional than the lady I just encountered this afternoon in the coffee shop.  I was even reprimanded because of laughing loudly in public.  I know it's kind of anal to be holding back on basic harmless emotions.  But now, I am starting to understand the public protocol.

Our emotions should involve only those  who are involved with it.  The rest of the world don't need to hear our sob story (unless they are reading your blog).  Not everyone is interested to hear about it.  Even the root of our joy may be senseless and a waste of time to others.

The public would only like to hear what they need or want to hear and not what we want them to hear.  Not everyone is willing to listen.  We don't want to intrude in their personal space.  We just can't expect everyone to like our taste of music that's why earphones were invented - could be... who knows?  

The same goes with telling people about our personal life.  Unless someone ask (and you are in liberty to divulge), nobody needs to know where and when you poop.  By the way, I went in the bathroom in the coffee shop and I could still hear her sob.  Then, I was quite sure, she made the whole coffee shop her personal space.

NOTE:  I have nothing against the lady.  Her cries didn't really bother me that long.  It was just a reminder for me not to do the same.


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