What I Want To Call Mine and Mine Alone

Whenever I have to stay in other places, I only hope for one thing: my own bathroom.
I don't mind sharing spaces including the bedroom. I do mind sharing a bathroom.
I'm not keen on using public bathrooms.  It's not that I'm squeamish.
It's just that it is supposed to be something of your own.
It's a very personal space so it's logical not to share it with just anyone.

These days when the cost of living is so high in the city, 
personal spaces are a luxury.  Sharing your stuff is the rule.
Stuff that you are not using at the moment is not yours anymore.
Well, I heard that from a nun in high school 
who told us that we need to be charitable all the time.

I am for charity.  
Sharing what others urgently need and don't have, that is charity.
Sharing a bathroom is a pet peeve.
Even though the need to use the bathroom is always an urgent case, 
I'd rather wait for a while to use my own at home.

Thank goodness, I'm pre-menopausal and still continent. ^_^


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