I don’t understand it but this entry is yet again about a good night’s sleep.  However, this time I don’t need to step on anyone to get one. 

Tonight, it was an all-guy’s night (except for me).  And so when all the other non-duty people are out drinking in a nearby place (namely Trellis), the other guys I’m on duty with are going to go out and follow. 

I just had to say yes.  When the machines are down in this department, there is nothing else to do for the senior-on-call.  There is no point in holding my guy friend from having his fun out with the other guys. 

It turned out I’m the lucky senior who will get a call from Surgery that they had a portable and asked if I could come up the ward to do the thing we do.

And so, after a few hours, the guys went back finding out that I actually did something while they were having fun. 

It must have been remorse on their part that made them promise that they won’t bother me for the rest of the duty night.  And it was just ten in the evening.  I’ve got a good free long night ahead of me.  YEBBA!

I didn’t really want my friend to look and feel bad but if he insists, I would give the honors to take away that guilt.  Ahahaha!  

Truly, being the sacrificial lamb sometimes pays off. 


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