Hot Chocolate

I am so sleepy and so tired right at this very moment.  I just pulled the blogger window in order to babble and take out my thoughts in order not to knock myself off my chair.  Everything seems heavy.  My shoulders, my upper eyelids... you name it, we got it almost ready to lie down.

I boiled drinking water in the teapot and I  didn't wait for it to whistle away.  I just want my Swiss Miss dissolved and ready to drink.  It seems it's the only thing that uplifts my spirit and my whole being up.

When I'm this tired, I'm beginning to be resentful.  I'm resenting people who doesn't have to stay up late at night to work.  Thank goodness for hot chocolate.  I don't have to be so resentful for so long.  Every sip slowly wakes me up  more and more.  It's so unlike coffee.  Maybe coffee has lost its affect on me.  I'm no longer a coffee slave.  For a few minutes, chocolate is the most desirable.  


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