Men And Women

Refute the following statements as you please:

Most of the time, only women loves (to be) skinny girls.
Most of the time, men is turned on by britches.  

(Yes, it is vulgar to call women like they were she dogs.  So forgive me if you somehow cringe at the word.)

I was unconsciously figuring out how men like their women and how women react to certain kinds of their species. 

When I say skinny, I mean Kim Chiu skinny.  

Women opt for the size 4 to size 6.  They regard themselves highly when they are actually skinny (consciously and unconsciously).  They tend to look at skinny women as somewhat lucky and even healthy.  They make an excuse as preposterous as high metabolism when in fact there's really nothing to metabolize.  LOL!  (Luckily Filipinas rarely go on such diet because of our innate love for food.)

It doesn't hold true for everyone but it holds true for me.  I think (not Kim Chiu) skinny girls do look good.  Maybe because the look good in most clothes.  Another reason?  I can't think of anything else. 

(These days, I don't believe people when they say I'm skinny already and I have to eat more.  I'll believe them when I finally fit in those pants! The humongous thighs are getting in the way, that's why!)

Maybe it's just because of the culture the magazines and television has inflicted on us - this perception of looking good when you become a clothes' hanger.

I have to say otherwise when it comes to India where they feed young girls to become huge women.  They tend to get more men to marry them easily when they're on the heavy side.  It's all about holding a status symbol.  Being on the heavy side for them means that person is well-off.  Since there's still a lot of poor people despite their booming economy, being seemingly well-off is more important than looking good. 

If by chance they are on the heavy side, they have their own way of coping with themselves.  Some tend to be bitter about others who are less heavy than they are.  They portray bitterness differently though.  Some find so many faults in another person.  And some find so many faults in themselves.  Honestly, I think it's better if we are the former.  Who cares if we become those irritating group of people who have nothing good to say about other people?  As long as you preserve your self-esteem, looking down on others (as long as they don't know it) is harmless.  LOL!  (Somehow, that sounds so twisted, doesn't it?)

Wait a minute, I hope I didn't give the impression that I look down on others because I believe I'm a big bucket of fat.  No, no, no.  I don't do that.  That is way beyond me.  I'm just saying that it's healthier to have a good self-esteem.  Never mind if you become a bad person because of it.  (Still, it sounds twisted.  Oh well, never mind.)

Men.  Most of them love voluptuous women rather than skinny ones.  By asking around, I gathered that certain fact. (Yes, I did ask a number of them but I'm not sure if the population I asked were random and significant enough to back up this claim.)  If they weren't going after their body (yikes!) they're going for the personality.  If you ask me, they should go for the personality because, that body is going downhill from there.    I say, find sexiness in the personality.  It won't fade away.

Speaking of personalities, I have observed (and did not asked around) that women who are the go-getter I-don't-give-a-rat's-ass-if-you-get-trampled kind seem to turn on most men.  These women does not necessarily have strong personalities.

I understand why men find them attractive.  Who wouldn't want to be like them who seems to be in control of almost everything and everyone?  Women in (some kind of) power are pretty interesting if you ask me.  (Oh by the way, not all women in power are britches.)  So, here's a piece of advice to myself:  If I want to remain attractive to my man, I need to be a go-getter, be a little bitchy and be in control of everything.  It would be enough to drive me mad, if you ask me.  But I will try!


  1. hay sis. i do agree, most clothes look flattering when youre thin, and lets face it this society has followed the idea of thin as beautiful

  2. for me its so damn ok to chubby as long as you're healthy... gusto ko din maging skinny lol kaya lang my waistline is still 28. and i think im getting bigger each day. anyway, im not really particular with the weight of a person. coz when i look a girl i would look at her face, not her body. it will just depends on the person kung what ang gusto nila di ba?

  3. yah me too, I look more on the face. And sometimes, I think chubby people are more beautiful to look at than the thinner ones. That's what I don't get, why girls, including me, has this innate want to be thinner.


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