My Life In Ruins

Well, that's how I gather from my dream awhile ago.  I took an hour's sleep and woke up again (because I have to check up on my Via - even if she's not crying at all).

So I want to write about my dream while it is still vivid in my mind.

I was driving our black SUV at night time on my way home. I stopped at a red light.  I was looking at my sideview mirror and saw that there was a street beggar knocking on the windows of cars behind me. The person then came to my window but I was still looking at the sideview mirror instead of looking out my window.  I was seeing a shadow figure instead.  And then it suddenly got too dark and I had to turn on the brightest of my headlight.  Apparently it wasn't working.

And then all of a sudden, there were people surrounding my vehicle who were mad and pointing at me. I thought I hit someone so I got off the car and they were telling me I hit their home.  And I was looking around and saw that there was nothing there.  And then it came to my mind that maybe I hit their home in the streets.  But still there was nothing on the front of the SUV that shows I hit any object at all.

And then, I was in a different place with the SUV gone.  The people were also gone.  I was then in the middle of a rundown place.  There were rubbles everywhere.  It was like I was in the middle of an abandoned building which has incompletely underwent a demolition.

I was then looking for my way out around the building which was really creepy.  But I didn't feel any fear at all.  I was so brave of opening and entering doors.  But I wasn't brave enough when I encountered stairs that led somewhere on the lower grounds.  I was thinking that a morgue was downstairs and I didn't want that.  I opened doors that led to large lecture halls.  By then, I thought maybe I was in a medical school or hospital.

I was still trying to get out but it seems that there was no exit door to that place and I started panicking.  As I am finding my way out, I passed by a lighted lower ground floor which I couldn't enter because there were grills.  I heard someone sneeze and I was calling out for that someone.  I was asking for help and was a bit hysterical.  And then I saw my Neuro Resident before when I was still a clerk in UST.  I think she was the chief resident.  She was still wearing her white coat and pants which was weird because by now, she must be a consultant and she doesn't have to wear those anymore.

I was asking for her help but she just looked at me indifferently and she continued with whatever she was doing.

And that was when I woke up.  Some dream!  I wish it ended with me getting out of that building and seeing daylight again.

Oh but this one's better than what happened to the lead character in the Walking Dead - waking up in the hospital when everyone's gone and only the walking dead was with him locked in the hospital.  Now, that is one nightmare.


  1. Mind if I interpret your dreams? I'm no expert but sometimes I love interpreting dreams of other people. And minsan naman tumatama ako. So here's my interpretation of yours:

    Riding the SUV means your life journey. You're on the one on the driver seat means you're the one taking control of your life, you're the one making most of the decisions. When people started getting mad at you, and you though you hit their homes -- this symbolizes people who are mad at in real life for something that you did. But when you got out of the car and saw there's nothing there -- this is like you asking them "what did I do wrong?"

    So this scene can be summed to people telling you, you did something wrong and you just couldn't see their point. You are confused.

    Interesting parts in the scene are when you're looking at the sideview mirror. If you were looking at the rearview mirror, I'd say you were looking at a flashback, at a memory in your life. But looking at the sidemirror could mean you're looking at things as it happen, as it pass you by. The part when it suddenly became dark and your headlights were not working, means a low-point in your life, a dark hour. And you want it to be bright again, to be right again.

    But connecting it to the rest of the dream, people are blaming you, accusing you and at the back of your mind, you don't believe you did something wrong.

    Which leads you to the other dream which I think is still connected.

    But this comment is too long already, so I'll just probably continue on another comment.

  2. Sheng: go on sis :) interesting ang interpretation, super.

  3. Ok po :) Here's the continuation:

    They said that in dreams, buildings especially houses represent yourself. So how you see a building, is how you view yourself. When you're inside, it's like being inside your thoughts. You said you were brave in exploring the building and opening its doors, expect going downstairs. This could mean that you're analyzing your situation, you're open to possibilities but there's one part of your mind--a memory or an idea--that you don't want to deal with right now. Para ayaw mo munang isipin yung bagay na yun.

    The fear that you feel in your dream can be interpreted as your fear of being stuck in this "rundown" situation. That's why you wanted to go out so bad. Kasi you don't like to be in that building, which in real life means, you don't like the way things are going right now.

    Another thing that strongly suggests your feeling of being stuck is seeing your Neuro resident and you noted that she was wearing the same clothes when this shouldn't be the case since she's someone else with a much higher position now. I see that person representing your career, and you feel that you're stuck "wearing the same clothes" when you should have progressed already.

    I also wish that the dream ended with you getting out. Pero it didn't siguro kasi you need to sort out yourself pa kaya di mo pa nahanap yung way palabas.

  4. Oh my! You're kinda right on target sis :( naku how much ang fee? heheh! just kidding! On a positive note, when you're down, there's no way but up right? so I'm still hopeful things will turn around... wag lang 360degrees :)) Thanks for the effort sis. Really appreciate it :)

  5. Hehe, you're welcome. Di naman ako pro pero minsan kasi pag nababasa ko yung dreams ng iba, parang gets ko na agad yung meaning. I'm glad that you didn't mind. And yes, I also believe that when you hit rock bottom, there's no way but up!

    P.S. I read my comments again, at parang and gulo ng pagkaka-explain ko. But I hope it was clear enough for you.


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