Too Close For Comfort

I have experienced a lot of close encounters on the road.  If my guardian angel wasn't paying too much attention, I'd be dead by now.

Awhile ago while in SLEX, our vehicle was changing lanes at the same time that a bus was doing on the far right lane of the road.  The problem was we were both aiming to change into the same lane.  So imagine my fright as a passenger, seeing that the bus was seemingly heading our way.  We were cheek to cheek with the big vehicle that could easily smash and crush our vehicle.

I could understand that proximity like that is okay but only if you are within Metro Manila where vehicles are at hands length from each other.  Did I say it's okay?  I meant that we are used to it when in Manila but it's another story when you're running 80kph or more with a bus heading your way running probably at a higher speed.

I couldn't count anymore all the close calls in the road.  But I'm sure there's a lot more coming my way.  I just hope they just stay that way - close calls.


  1. I've had my fair share as well but regardless, I also wish for the same thing. That those incidents and the ones to follow just remain close calls. :)


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