Children's Day on 5th of May

Well, it is on more than one part of the world, particularly Korea.  And it is one of the most festive days of the year for a Korean.  I was told that it is similar to Christmas day without the religious aspect of it.  Come to think of it, Christmas day's religious perspective is overlooked most of the times.

Well, it would be fun to have a Children's day here in our own country.  But instead of giving gifts to our own children, it would be much more meaningful if the kids without parents are the focus of our own Children's day.  I think every child needs to feel that he or she is being cared for.  Childhood is not childhood without any adults taking care of the children.  Once a child starts to fend for himself, it's the end of childhood.  Responsibility is equated with adulthood.

Many unfortunate Filipino kids have been robbed of their childhood.  The worse part of it is that they weren't prepared for it.  Adulthood and its responsibilities has been handed to them without any training or guidance.

Children's day.  I wish there was one here in the Philippines.


  1. i hope so too. thinking about my baby makes me realize that he/she is so lucky to have parents who'll shower him/her with love. my heart goes to those children who are neglected by their parents and the society.

  2. I didn't know this before. Makes me glad I [unconsciously] contributed by treating my kid cousins to ice cream earlier. Not a huge gesture really, but it made them happy and that's what counts. =)


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