Double Three Points

I had this photo in my files for so long already.  And I'm not sure if it's pleasant enough to look at to post it in a blog.  But today, I decided that it's pretty interesting if people read the story behind it.  Well, there's no story really.

So, I was disposing off some empty toiletry.  I threw out an empty tube of conditioner into the trash a few feet away from me.  Beforehand, I threw the toothpaste carton.  Since, it was an wide-mouthed trash bin, I knew it was easy to throw things on it from a distance.  But when the tube made a weird sound instead of the usual dumping sound, I looked over the trash and found that I did not just threw in inside the trash but I was also able to shoot the tube inside the toothpaste carton.

Now, I understand unbelievable shots I see on TV screens during a basketball game.


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