The Big Boss

I caught a glimpse of our lady boss today.  There are several people who have warned me about her. They all said she is mean-hearted.

At work, I stepped out of my station to get hot water for my cup of coffee.  Unfortunately, the container was empty.  And then this middle-aged lady smiled at me and noted that I wasn't able to get any drinking water.  She looked so pleasant that I thought that my fellow workers were exaggerating.  That lady was far from being mean.  She was too friendly to be a horrible person.

And so, when I went in, I told my co-worker that I finally saw the big boss.  She asked me what she looked like.  And I told her she looks like a pleasant old lady.  She shared what I told her to another person and they both laughed.  They found it funny that I found the boss old. And then just when we were about to get back to work, there was this short-haired, barely chic-looking, scowling woman who was wearing something you would see in a club - black and shiny silver.

Goodness.  I know how Korean fashion are but that outfit is just inappropriate (especially for a weather like this).  They have been telling us to look professional everyday at work.  They demand that we wear slacks five days a week.  And now, here we have our big boss who has become an eye sore in the office grounds.

Anyway, I wouldn't be this mean about an outfit if she had a smile on her face instead of a scowl when she looked at me.  All I can think of was "What was the problem?" and "What did I do wrong?".

I learned that she was the one who ordered to turn off the air conditioning from time to time.  That really pissed me off.  How can we work inside a really warm office?  It's just too much.  It's because I used to work in an office where management sees to it that their employees work in humane condition.  Letting us work in a hot environment in the summer season is really sadistic of that woman.  I secretly hope the air-conditioning in her office breaks down.

Now, I won't wonder why people in that office cannot say anything about her.  Well, I truly hope my first impression won't last that long because it is hard for me to think that I work for someone like her.


  1. So who was the old lady you first saw? =p

    Anywho, one of the managers in my past company was bitchy like that. And that's even to her own immediate underlings. Tsk.


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