Matagal Ka Pa?

I was knocking on the second floor bathroom awhile ago because of my urgency to use it.  Unfortunately, my brother just started using it because they're on their way to church.  I asked if he was still going to take a long time inside the bathroom and he said yes.  What I really meant at that time was "Hurry up"  ("Bilisan mo!").

I don't know where I get this habit of not saying something when I mean something else.

Another example is when I'm offering food to someone else.  I ask "Gusto mo?" when what I really want to say is "Kuha ka" which actually means in ("Here, take some")

(I hope I can think of something else to add, but that's all I got from now.)

It's a good thing Pinoys don't get confused when we communicate.


  1. Atleast you say Gusto mo instead of Kuha ka. My husband sometimes say "ayaw mo?" instead of gusto mo or kuha ka. Napipikon ako. hehe!

  2. @Nuna: ay oo nga. hihih! mas kaasar ang "ayaw mo?"

  3. Another example is when someone asks "gusto mo?", and I say..."ok lang"

    Ok lang as in, ok lang? or ok lang like I'm good. :P


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