What Long Breaks?

At work today, as I enter my biometrics for checking out for my "lunch" break, the manager asked me how long do I take my breaks.  I got irked by her question because it wasn't an innocent one.  In fact, it was full of sarcasm the same way she always delivers her verbal memorandums to all of us.  It seems that she's implying that I'm taking way too long during my breaks.  I'm quite sure that I'm not mistaken with this presumption. 

I told her that I'm taking one hour break as she told me during my first few days.  When in fact, what I really wanted to tell her is that she needs to look at the exact biometric records that I don't even consume that one hour alloted to me.  

That incident ruin my cup noodle break.  I was ranting to my husband about this.  My husband was just relieved that I wasn't mad AT him this time.  That bit made me laugh and I felt better somehow.  It was kind of funny that he saw it in that light.  

I'll let it pass this time but when there's another incident like this, I would be ready with a biting remark for the manager.  I think she's used to it though.  A lot has been coming from other employees.  I should join the band wagon.  


  1. It's funny how something so annoying can become humorous! :) You've got a neat blog. I quite like it!


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