On How We Say Things

One co-worker blew her top off.  One of the office employee was being very rude over the community chat room at work today.  He has been like that long before I've stepped into that company.  And today he met his match.  My seatmate (parang high school lang) was fuming with the message she got from the that employee.  I didn't know what was happening until she got up from the chair so suddenly and (should I say) savagely.  She stormed out of our area and charged to the head office.  

When she came back, she told me and another friend that she told the HR/shift manager (who, in my opinion, is a lot worse than anyone else in that office) that this particular employee was harassing her over our community chat.  Her words slashed against that person so hard that the manager had to calm her down (unsuccessfully).

My friend went back to her computer to rudely reply to the message she received.  I think they had a long conversation over the private chat which she saved on her file.  

I understand what my friend went through with that particular employee.  I myself, was not spared by his rudeness over the community chat.  During that time, I also received a rude response from him over my request about something.  I let it pass but I thought that I was punched in the stomach at that time.  To think that I was relatively new in the company and that everyone could read how he responded like he was talking to someone very inferior to him.  

But this time, he met his match.  My friend has been very patient with how he treats her.  Well, today, it was the last straw.  Now, everyone knows that someone has stood up to his disrespectful messages in the community chat.  I think he looked more harassed than ever today.

This was definitely a good day.


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