Cowbells and Girls

During breakfast this morning, we were recalling our trip somewhere in Western Europe years ago.  This was brought about by eating corned beef that was so masebo or oily.  My dad said it must be beef from cows from around there who do nothing but chew grass and sit around.

I remember riding the cable car over those mountains they graze on.  And I hear those cowbells like it was nearby but actually, we were so high up, we can't see where it was coming from.  We were told that these cowbells were supposed to help the shepherd to find them if they went too far.

And then after that ride to Mt.Titlis (teehee! The name can make you cringe or giggle!), there was a herd of cattle which made a loud noise with all the cowbells tied on their necks.  I pity the cows.  The bell really makes a loud (almost deafening) noise with their every movement.  It's inhumane!

One thing more that caught my attention was that the shepherds were female teenagers.  I think they're too petite to do that kind of work.  That was more amazing to me than the cable ride.   Here are girls living in teh one of  the richest countries in the world.  But then, the people that I see live so simply.  I didn't even see tall buildings in that area or even in Lucerne.  It's like every where is the countryside.

I wonder where they get their wealth.  Shepherding cows?

There wasn't any  


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