Yawning In Public

I find it disturbing and sometimes, very impolite when someone yawns very loudly in public.  It's that kind of yawn in which the person don't even try to stifle it.  I understand that it feels really good especially when it is accompanied by ultimate stretching of the body.

But it's another story when you do it in the public place.  There's this girl at my back right now.  She's alone like me.  And every now and then, she lets out a big yawn.  Every one in the coffee shop could hear her.  And so, everyone, I'm sure is not trying to look her way pretending that they didn't hear anything (just like what I'm doing right now).

A yawn is usually very infectious.  When you see or hear someone do it, it's like your brain is programmed to do the same.  It's a good thing that her loud yawn is not the regular kind because I wouldn't want to follow suit especially now that I'm on my second cup of bitter coffee just to keep myself awake.

Anyway, it's not really a problem when you yawn in public.  It's not even a problem if you yawn loudly.  I admit it's distracting but if the person can't help, it is no one's fault.

I'm counting how many times she has been yawning... and so far, I got five of them in the scoreboard just for the past hour.

A Few Minutes Later...

She is now turning her cellphone volume up to listen to the music.  I guess she doesn't want to listen to the soft jazz music inside the coffee shop ^_^  This is getting better and better.


  1. I feel you. I used to share workspace with someone like that. I confronted her, and she was defensive pa, reported me to the boss.

    Hindi naman sya nag-y-yawn but she was always singing, almost for the entire day. Loud singing with matching birit and everyone in the whole room is disturbed by it.

  2. Guilty as charged! Haha. I do yawn in public sometimes, though I at least try to cover my mouth while at it. And try not to follow up with a good spine-straightening stretch if I can help it. Teehee! Just feels so good.


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