I Wish They Serve Noodle Soup in Starbucks

If Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf can serve pasta and breakfast trays, why can't Starbucks in Asia serve Asian food?  (Okay, that was bad analogy.)  Wouldn't it be great to eat noodle soup inside the cozy interior where you can see the rain pouring heavily outside?  That would be like the ultimate comfort.  More comfortable than being under Egyptian-cotton-made thick blankets.  Okay, okay!  I actually don't know how Egyptian cotton feels like but I heard it really feels nice.

I have just been apprehended by Starbucks security. LOL!

I was taking a picture of my sister while she was working on her computer.  Behind her was the Starbucks lighted sign board (which can actually fall on her head because it's just hanging there).  The security guard stopped me after I took a couple of shots.  I was using her iTouch so there was really no clicking sounds or flash.  I was about to post it to her Instagram account (whatever that is).  The security told me no one is allowed to take pictures of their establishment's monument or ALTAR (as they were treating it so).   And he said that I can go and ask the manager about it.  Why should I waste time?  It's not like it's that important. ^_^  Maybe, I'll go ask the manager if I taste something bad about my cup of almond latte (which in itself sound bad already ^_^).

And so, that was another 3 hours spent in Starbucks Libis.


  1. I never knew you couldn't take pictures of their sign (not like I care) LOL! but it's interesting to know that. =)

  2. Really? I didn't know that. Arte naman nila. =)

  3. Didn't know they do that. Me and my BFF's were taking pics of each other (we were beside the SB sign) and the guard never even spared us a glance. Haha. We were in SB Lipa btw. =)


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