Still In Hiding

I have shun away from my friends from school especially the ones from graduate school.  I'm kind of ashamed of what I am right now.  I admit that I feel very unaccomplished and actually left behind.  Everyone is about to begin their practice because they have gone through their residency already.  And here I am, I am just about to start.

Every time they ask me what I'm up to these days, I put all my effort in order to veer away from their question.  Currently, there are two friends of mine who are asking about how I'm doing and saying that I haven't answered their question yet.  Too bad, they don't easily forget.  Damn their smart brains.  LOL!  And until now, I'm being vague about my answers.

When I started posting pictures of my daughter in social networks, they were all shocked that I have a baby already.  No one knew, not even my closest friends, that I was pregnant last year.

Right now, I can say I'm kind of an expert in being invisible somehow.

And that's why, I'm so happy that I even though I'm in hiding from the world out there, the internet has given me some kind of freedom.  Yes, people can judge me here but of course, it doesn't really matter because I don't matter to them as much as the people I'm hiding from.  Well, if I continue hiding from the people who I personally know, eventually, I won't matter to them too.

I love being in hiding.  There's less pressure.  I feel contented somehow.  And I feel that I am definitely free (considering that I am in hiding... how ironic).


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