Vivid Dream in an 8-Minute Nap

Early this morning, I had to take a nap between classes.  I was so tired because I went to bed late because of work and I was up most of the time because my daughter was restless in bed (She's kind of sick right now).

During that nap, I had a really vivid dream that went this way:

I was in a home of  a Korean student that I was tutoring (man-to-man - which is far different from what I'm really doing).  And she made some kind of mistake and her mom was charging up to her speaking or more like, yelling at her and holding a broom in one hand.  My student was about to cry and I kind of figured out that her mother is angry at her for making a mistake.  Her mom was about to hit her on the back - not on the bottoms, but on her back  (I kind of figured that out to).

And so I had to hug the student who was really scared, to wave off her mom.  I was kind of feeling scared of being hit too.

They were speaking Korean at that time and couldn't understand any word.

And then I woke up.  

It never came up to when the mother strikes the child.  Whew! Good thing because if ever, I was going to be the one who's going to get hurt since I was hugging the child. 



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