I Feel Just Right

At the moment, I am currently enjoying a state of contentment.  Even life is not as I have pictured it, I'm quite enjoying myself waiting for IT to happen.  

Exhausted But Happy

Taking care of my daughter is exhausting but I'm quite happier each day.  It is hard to take care of her because I can't dare take my eyes or ears off her in fear of missing anything (especially the close calls that would put some kind of danger).  And being on guard all the time is least to say, exhausting.  

However, I'm actually enjoying myself with my daughter.  The more time I spent with her, the more I understand her.  

Anxious But Hopeful

In the coming months, I'm going back to being a hospital slave.  I'm quite anxious about it since it has already been a long time since I've done that kind of work.  I will also be spending more time in the hospital than in my own home.  Also, I have been warned by a friend in PGH who is taking the same program that I'm going to take in East Ave. that the books I'm going to be reading from now on is much more than what I had to read in med school.  Now, THAT is something to be anxious about.  

But I'm pretty hopeful that the program will pave the way of a better future for my own family.  Somehow, I will be able to start in a field where I can build a lucrative practice.  Well, I'm not really sure about the lucrative part.  I'm just sure that it's going to be a practice my family can live on.


  1. Good luck! I'm sure everything will work out well in the end. =)


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