Something Can Always Ruin A Special Day (Ondoy Victims Tribute)

Three years ago, I remember driving through flood to get home and stopping by a church along our street because I wouldn't dare go forward to the raging floods along the way.  I saw a bride in front of the church sitting down and crestfallen.  There were no guests who came on her wedding day.

I'm not even sure if her wedding took place.  Well, I hope it did because I saw her husband standing beside her looking afar the gates of the church compound, probably hoping that guests will come.  But of course, knowing how bad the roads were - floods almost drowning cars that passed through, I'm not sure there will be someone who's coming and celebrating such a horrendous day for most people in Manila.

I'm not really talking about weddings or typhoons specifically.

I'm just saying that Murphy's Law holds true in some cases.  And of course, it can happen unexpectedly especially when people have been looking forward (in this case, for a long time) for something really good.

It could just be bad luck for the couple and also, for the hundreds of those who lost their homes (or their belongings) because of the infamous typhoon Ondoy.

I saw a car sticker months after Ondoy that says, "Gago ka Ondoy".  

My sentiments, exactly. 


  1. Ondoy! I can never forget that cos it ruined my daughter's first birthday!! :(

  2. we attended my nephew's christening and good thing that we went home early or else we're stuck at SLEX traffic.


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