Reading The Signs

I have to give it to the government offices these days.  They have made it a lot easier for citizens to get their much needed documents.  We cannot do without the long lines and the crowd.  But I have to admit that it has become more tolerable (even though the prices of these documents haven't).

Wouldn't it be nicer if we could go through life following much clearer signs?  We would all be going to the same (if not right) direction.  Everyone will be getting their turn eventually.  Everyone is headed in the same destination.

But wait!  Isn't that what's happening?  We all ARE going in the same direction eventually.  Even though we are going through different paths in life, we are going to end up the same as the next person.

Which path to take depends on how we read the signs.   The more you are able to read it well, the easier you will get through life.

I have heard myself complain about how hard life is.  I really feel stupid whenever I do that.  My problems are more trivial than what others have.  That means I'm over-reading my life.  Everything could just run smoothly with or without obstacles.

Sometimes, the answers to our questions are already in front of us but we look beyond those signs.  Hence, we find something else.   The real solution then becomes a complete blur.

Pay attention.  The answers (signs) are right in front of you.


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