How I Met My Husband Again

Five years before I "met" my husband, I took a couple of tennis lessons from him.  He was also starting to be a tennis instructor back then.  We didn't make any good impression on each other because we didn't really end up together during that time.

Five years later, when we were both "with" other people, we finally got together.  (No guilt here) We were about to marry those other people that same year when we met.  There was no intention to change our minds about our upcoming marriage to other people.  No intention even to change our hearts about it.  But, I guess, God has different plans for ALL FOUR OF US.  And I am very thankful that we met again JUST IN TIME.

We didn't even slow down.  We charged to this head on.  I'm very thankful that this was not a big mistake.  In fact, it was the best decision for me - to take this adventure with him.  Truly, being with him has been very fulfilling.


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