Nothing is absolute.

We cannot say anything in absolute certainty.  Even the laws of nature does not apply at all times - even though according to my physics teacher, a "law" cannot be contested.

I happen to run across Einstein's quotes in the paper today and realized that he was really in touch with the world around him (in contrast to stereotyped dorks who keep to themselves).

"When you are courting a nice girl, an hour seems like a second.  
When you are sitting on a red-hot cinder, a second seems like an hour. 
That's relativity."

"Two things are infinite.
The universe and human stupidity.
And I am not so sure about the universe."

"The difference between a genius and stupidity is:
Genius has its limits."

What is true to you may not be true to others.  What is right with you may not be right for others.  It all depends on where we are coming from.  This is why it is ill-mannered of people to judge others by what they do or say or believe in as readily as if they have the slightest idea what has really transpired.  

Everyone has been tainted by the society they grew up in.  Not everything is based on our genes.  The way  we act or the way we see things depend on what we have gathered from everything that came our way in the past.  

We have not encountered EVERYTHING.  And I don't think it is possible for any person to be able to do so.  There is a limit to what we will be exposed to in a single lifetime therefore, each one is built differently.  

We cannot expect that others do things as we know how.  What may be easy for you may be difficult for others.  There are certain standards in this world that others may not be able to attain.  What you may be good at may be trivial to others.  What is important to you may not be as important.

We cannot be so demanding.  We cannot be so hard on ourselves.

What I hated about my parents before is when they compare us with other kids.  That irritated me so much as it hurt my feelings.  The feeling of inadequacy has remained until to this day now that I am a mother.  And it has been my fear that I won't be able to as good as a mom that I'm expected to be.  

When I was single, it was easy for me to pinpoint the mistakes of mothers that in my opinion, has done a terrible job in raising their children.  Now that I'm in their shoes, I regret all my thoughts on that issue.  There is no way that motherhood is easy breezy!  Mothers are supposed to be miracle workers.  How the heck am I going to be one?  I'm taking each day at a time... And I hope my daughter (and my husband) stretch their patience more until I get to be one.  

Point is, I can never be absolutely sure about every thing, or everyone else.  Must be OPEN MINDED at all times.  The world is more interesting that way. 


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