Poor Kid, No School

The school director of my daughter's previous school just called me last night asking if I was still planning to re-enroll my turning-3-this-year daughter.  I told her the truth that my parents were the ones sponsoring my daughter the last school year, but this year, there won't be any more grandsponsors (since we moved out of their house) :D  And so I said that as of now, I have no budget for their school.

But she told me that they could adjust the fees and classes for my Via.  I wonder how much adjustment she could make for my daughter.

I tried enrolling my daughter to other schools for pre-primary classes.  I am at work almost all the time (7 days a week) and I have no more time to teach my daughter intensively as a mother ought to do.  I am kind of disappointed because this is the stage in which her brain is most "absorbent".  

Unfortunately, those other more affordable schools don't accept students her age.  I told them that she has already gone to toddler school the past school year already.  They told me they don't have those kinds of classes.  And so it was decided (until now) that she isn't going to any school this year.

This, I told the directress of Greenmeadows Learning Center (in Libis).  She persuaded me that they REALLY could adjust.  And she scheduled my Via at one this afternoon for assessment as to which level and what kind of classes she is going to attend if we decide she's going back there.

I want her to attend THAT school so badly but P45K per sem is just too much for a family just starting out on their own.  I doubt the grandsponsors would be glad to share some of those P45K right now.  :)  But I'll see later if we would be able to afford again.

Anyways, I attended the commencement exercise of my nephew who went there himself.  100% of the students from that school entered the Big Schools successfully.  GLC is a really really good school.  So for parents who have the means, I highly recommend it for their kids.


  1. I know how you feel because I'm a mother too. We just want what is the best for our kids. :-)

    1. It is just too bad. My child is now deprived! :(


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