A Bit of Casino

Spent a night here in Pasay, Manila at Solaire (Resort and Casino) and realized that this is a bustling place in spite of being so far away from the rest of busy, crowded Manila.

My parents have a penchant for gambling, particularly the slot machine.  My only objection was that everywhere here is a smoking area.  And being a nonsmoker that I am, I despise the stench of cigarette. I don't want my parents to inhale the smoke.  I believe it really is bad for the health.

I have gambled before.  Last night, my parents called up our hotel room telling me that I would just have to call her on her phone if me and my brother (who was staying with Via and me in this room ... along with Nanny Vangie) wanted decided to join them downstairs.  She was willing to give us money last night.  My brother and I both said, No, thank you.

I realized long before that it was really a big waste of money.  But of course, with my parents, if they enjoy it, they could do it if they wanted to.  I'm not stopping them.  It's their money.

I was looking out the window around 1am and 3am a few hours ago.  The view was the car lobby in front of the hotel.  The cars was dropping off and picking up people non stop.  Even at this early (6am), I'm looking up and they are still relentless.

And they say this country is poor.  I don't think it is.  It's dirty, yes.  But not poor.


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