On Cartoons

I recall those days when I was much younger than now and thinking that cartoons will always be for me.  I even said to myself before that I will never prefer the shows adult watch over my favorite cartoons.  I guess I was wrong because I evolved.

There was a change of preference in terms of the what I wanted to see or hear on TV.  I got over  my pretend phase.  Well, not really.  Watching actors on a show doesn't get me out of that zone.  I still like the life I don't lead.  Somehow, the real people seem better to watch than those whom I am used to.  I began watching TV shows that my dad watches.  I find them more exciting and the cartoons a bit of a bore.

I was addicted to TV.  But these days, not so much.  Maybe because of lack of time.  I try to catch the news. And that was it.  However, when I was younger, I really spent the whole day in front of the television, even forgetting my daily chores and self-care (which included taking a bath).  I was so addicted that I even recorded on video tapes my favorite TV shows.


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