Away From Home

Well, not that far away.  I'm just here in the hospital, roughly 20minute drive from home... if I was riding my own car or a cab - an hour away if by jeepney.  The whole department is in Heart Center attending the Scientific Meeting and the rest of Manila is at home watching the college basketball championship.  And I am here, alone in the quarters transferring files from my phone to this netbook.

It's better this way than being in the ultrasound room scanning patients.  I've done six of them this morning.  I'm planning to study right now but instead, opted to write while downloading.  Thank God for the internet and the new netbook.  For the first time, I've brought it here to work but not for work.

If I'm really grateful, I'd put to good use and study or make my report today.

I'm in the senior's bed, by the way.  That just means, I'm a bit of a lazy boss today.  Not helping the juniors in anyway.  It's their year to shine anyway.  Next year, they can have this bed too if they want.


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