Burning Bridges

I have burned so many bridges in this lifetime that I ran out of ways to cross to the other side.

People cannot live on their own. We all need someone.   That's the humbling truth.  We all think of ourselves as self-reliant.  However, there is a limit to our own resources.  We all need help to fill up what we could not provide.

When we were young, friendship means having somebody share your interest.  Friends share your victories as well as your struggles in your early life.  They're actually taking over the place of parents as confidants whether your parents like it or not.  They're the ones you turn to.

Young people surround themselves with the kind of people who seem fit to their taste.  They crave to be with other people.  It's like a security blanket for them.

For adults, friendship becomes a bit cynical.  We need "friends".  And our "friends" need us.  They are there to help you out.  You also need to send help as needed.

As we get older, we have "friends" we don't actually like.  We surround ourselves with people who will contribute to our growth as a human being.  And in order to be whole, we need to be exposed to the positive negativity too.

By the time we are older than old, we realise that we need to remove people who aren't good to us.  Good is a relative word.  When I say good, I mean those who wish the best for us.  They don't need to be likeable.   We maintain the people who is actually helping us grow more.  However, we spend less and less time with people who we have no "use" for.  

Older than old people that I know of, would like to keep to themselves in their personal space.  They don't let just anyone in their own circle.  A bit snobbish, yes.  They just don't want to be bothered, that's all.  But somehow everyone should also re-learn that we cannot stand alone.   Older than old people creates a tight circle until no one can fit in but themselves.  it comes to the point that they turn so lonely that it's not good for them anymore.

Bottomline is, we all need people.  Keep the ones that are important to us.  Never throw away those who matter.  Discern who matters in the first place.   Real friends are hard to find.  Some people don't even find them in this lifetime.  Best thing is, be a friend to yourself.  You will be there when you need you.    


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