No Thing

I have no use for this department.

I go in and I go out everyday without changing anything in the work place.

I don't contribute anything.

I have nothing to contribute.

I am not so sure if I'm so self-absorbed but I have so many problems to deal with that I can't seem to help other people with theirs.

For the next four months, I am in a post where there are no machinery.  That machinery has been long gone early this year.  And everyone who had been in this post all had time in their hands.

However, I have no time at all.

I have so many things to think about.  So many worries that I have to find solution to.

It is so overwhelming that I don't even know what direction to take.  Hence, I'm not moving anywhere.

Hearing people of their grand plans and I'm like, I have nothing. at. all.

So pathetic.  This is me.  That is how I am.

It would be so easy if I'm just living for myself.

However, I'm not.  It makes it extra hard and it makes it more worrisome.

How do I get unstuck? 


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