Gift To Myself

It's a Sunday.  I'm at work.

My four year old daughter is with her grandma attending another kid's birthday party.

My husband is off to a tennis class.  Thank God for a livelihood today.  At least one of us is earning.

A family day without my family around.

I've been browsing the net here in the quarters hoping that I get to have an idea for my research which is long overdue already.  However, I still have nothing.  I was able to do other kinds of research on the internet.

I wanted to do a series of podcasts of my own and the moment I get to have a chance, I'm going to write articles for this podcast idea.  One idea should be supported by so many.

Let's see.  Well, I wanted to give myself something.  And I came up with something else to do besides think about my God-forsaken research.  (Lord, please send help).


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