Impending Doom

Death is inevitable. I should have been raised in a way that I would have come to terms with it in order to live fully.

I have tried to escape death in so many ways already.  Even if I'm aware of it or not, I somehow manage to live another day.  There are so many close calls already and I wonder why God has allowed for me to go on with living.  Of course, so many people have saved me for so many times already.  They're just not aware that somehow they manage to give me my life back.

Despite knowing that life is temporary and death is inevitable, why am still afraid of death?

These days, earthquakes and other catastrophes are happening around the world.  And I'm so afraid that we will be hit next.  I am far from being secure when I enter our office building.  Manila has not been hit by a massive earthquake for a long time.  And I'm scared that we may not be spared for long anymore.

Around four hours ago, I wasn't aware that Japan was hit by an earthquake.  I turned on the television to watch the news on CNN after I read a twit of a local reporter.

As I was looking at the videos taken in in farmlands near Sendai, Japan, I can only think of one thing:  "Are there people in there?".  I saw cars and homes being swept away by the wave.  It was scary to watch everything (and probably everyone) in its path to be hurtled so easily and quickly that there was little time to run.

Getting into higher grounds.

Saving yourself means you have to run on the safe side.  People run to higher grounds in order to avoid being drowned in both sea water and debris.  They can watch in horror the rest of those in the lower grounds as they are being helplessly thrown and drowned.

I wonder when it will be our turn.  I truly hope God won't allow this to happen to us.  I'm praying for both a prosperous life and a happy death for everyone.  It is supposed to be how we are created and eventually, how we are supposed to leave this earth.  I truly hope tragedies will not take any more lives.


  1. I hope our turn never comes. But that's like impossible. So I hope that the Philippines break away from it's complacent attitude and do something to at least prepare for a catastrophe of this magnitude.


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