So Groggy Yet So Wide Awake

I'm definitely going mental.

It's 3am and I am finding it hard to go to sleep.  I will surely suffer the consequences later today.

When I did get to sleep an hour ago, I had a really bad dream.  And it went something like this:

We, my "husband" and I were renting out.  It was really small and there was only one single-sized bed.  It was a really rundown place like it was abandoned for a long time now.  The problem about all this was we were living with my husband's ex.  I noticed that they were starting to get chummy so I pulled him away and out of the room to go some other place else.

And then, we were in another room brainstorming for an upcoming business.  And then he was then getting chummy with a new girl.  They were really into a super flirting session.  And I got worried because I was in the room with them but it seemed like I didn't exist at all.

I pulled my husband to go to the next room and talk to him.  I asked if he didn't want me anymore.  I also asked if he didn't want to come home with me later that day.  And he answered yes to both questions.  I wanted to cry but of course, mute that I am, I didn't make a sound.

I woke up with my heart pounding so hard and fast that my whole body was a bit shaking with every beat.  I thought there was a soft quake in my bed.  But when my heart suddenly (yes, suddenly) stopped pounding, the quake stopped.  So there was no earthquake.  But I don't know if there are no such girls in my husband's life. 


  1. Aww that's such a bad dream sis. I'm sure by now you know if there's anything to really worry about, and I do hope there isn't anything. :)


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