Not All Are Excited

I was looking at my journal and realized that payday was coming up.  I wasn't able to contain myself and I exclaimed at the dining table.  I'm afraid that sometimes, it's hard for me to contain my emotions irregardless of who I am with or where I am at.

While waiting for my meal, I borrowed a newspaper and saw on the front page about the three people who were going to be executed this week. I suddenly felt bad. While I knew that most of us are looking forward to this week, there are three people who are feeling so dreadful and desperate and helpless all at the same time.

I can only imagine what that three people must be feeling at this moment.  I will know eventually what they are feeling when my hour of death comes.  I can only pray for them.

I guess that we are all living our own lives.  And we may not be aware of other people's ordeals from day to day.  But it's hard for me not to care about people who are facing their impending doom. The most hurtful of it all is that these people were not really there by choice.  If they had some other choice or if they had other opportunities, I don't believe they would be doing those kinds of things.

We Filipinos are very compassionate people hence, we root for the underdogs.  I don't suppose I'm rooting for these underdogs just because I'm a Filipino. I just believe that taking away a life will never solve anything.  The execution is very unproductive.  There is nothing good that will come out of it.


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