No Credibility?

Have you ever applied for something and got disapproved for any reason?

Well, I have.  I was applying for a Globe Wifi Super Stick (???)  for the past few weeks in their Galleria branch.  Every time I wanted to follow up on my application, there was no answer from the phone line that they give me.  I had to go to their branch myself only to find out that my signatures are doubtful.

I admit I have a problem recreating my signature. But I have given several government ID cards, payslip and even credit cards of three different banks and still, they don't believe I am responsible enough to be able to pay the monthly fees.  I even cited that I have postpaid lines from the two other networks for more than two years now.  And visas from several countries.  Isn't that credible enough?  Geeez!  (Hey, not bragging here... just trying to get my point across.)

I asked if ever I had a previous stroke and my hand that created my signature had tremors post CVA (Stroke), would they still take it against my credibility even if I had a stable job and source of income.  I was really exasperated and was not thinking clearly - that the one I'm talking to don't know what a stroke is or what my point was.  I didn't waste anymore breath.  I just said "No, thank you" to her offer of making another application.

It's kind of insulting.  But I also have to understand that I am a stranger to most people and people don't trust that easily.  I should be the same.

So many people around me that are glazed or frosted with so many apparently good stuff.  There are also some people that appear so suspicious that you don't want them around because you have to keep an eye on them all the time.   I have to be more keen in my judgement.  They're not all good.  And some people are not all bad.

Anyway, I am kind of worried that if I don't seem credible enough, how am I going to make good in this career.  I have to work harder to be believable.  Or else, my diagnoses won't even be considered.


  1. Awww, that's too bad. And a bit unreasonable too, if you ask me. Enough valid documents should suffice, even if you have problems recreating your signatures. Have you tried talking to another agent or the manager?

  2. I asked my sister to apply for me since she has several units from Globe already. It would be easier for her to be approved. I got my super stick at last and it's working :)


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