It's Not The Cheese

I'm currently reading this book:  Who Moved My Cheese?  I've been hearing or "reading" about this book for sometime now and I am so glad that I got one from an online book seller. That meant I got a big discount out of a gem of a book.

It was talking about each and everybody's "cheese"  that we go and look for in a "maze" called life.  I am so happy to have read the book (I'm still halfway through it,though).  I even shared about it with my life partner. I got the most important of it all - it's not the cheese that makes us happy but the journey of getting it.

I guess most of us who still have the energy are happy to go for it.  But some of us who has grown tired of life doesn't even bother to go after a new cheese when they're stuck with the old one already.  Big lesson learned (which I'm going to make sure that my little one((S)) know about):  that a successful life is not measured by how much cheese you have enjoyed but how much you enjoyed the hard part of getting it.  That is where we feel fulfilled, alive and happy.

Eventually, we will get our cheese.  What kind of cheese, we can't really say for sure.  Some cheese may turn out to be stale ones. Some may be the tasty ones.  Some may be of special greatness.  We will get it eventually and it won't even assure us of the happiness we seek.  Therefore, it is important to go through life's maze, competition for cheese and its journey letting go of disappointments and moving on to find better cheese.  It's not ambition. It's just the drive.


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