What's Best For The Children

Whenever I see parents handling their children in a way I won't do to my own child, I feel so mad, helpless and frustrated.  I wouldn't be able to do anything nor dictate how parents should treat their children because basically, I can't intervene even if I wanted to.  

I always wanted to believe that parents will do what is best for their kids but somehow, the things I see around me tells me otherwise.  I've seen and heard how parents can verbally abuse their child.  I cringe upon hearing them scold the child like they have committed a crime.  Children can only do minor damage, if there's any.  I don't see why parents have to reprimand them too harshly.  I can't say it is really the best way for them to learn a lesson.

Awhile ago, while doing cranial ultrasound to a one-month old infant with her mother carrying her in her arms, the baby suddenly coughed (because apparently, she was also suffering of pneumonia), the mother instantly did physiotherapy (patting the back in order to loosen the secretions in the baby's lungs) rather too harshly.  It was like the mother beating the back of the frail baby with her bare hands.  I scolded the mother. I told her how it was supposed to be done.  I said it as harsh as she was beating her baby's back (thinking that it was good for her child).  

My "white coat" gave me that right awhile ago.  I started to like my "white coat".  Finally, it has some use.

Everyone should have compassion mostly to the helpless (young and old alike).  I know we'd get a lot of raise eyebrows if we intrude and give unsolicited advice to parents on how they should take care of their own kids.  But somehow, it's a social responsibility.  We cannot let children suffer because their parents are clueless.  

One more thing I learned (from National Geographic):  children are resilient. I have seen from one documentary on how other race "man-handle" infants.  They have their own ways on how to take care of the kids.  They were really barbaric but the children grow up to be well.  

I think God will always be there to shield the children no matter on who or what kind of people their parents are.  


  1. I admit that sometimes I am none too careful about handling my daughter. At 21 months she's barely over being a baby, yet already she's facing the world and its people (yours truly included) on her own terms. She's a strong one, not just mentally but physically as well. Hence, the non-too-cuddly treatment. I believe she'll learn more and faster if she makes mistakes and occasionally gets hurt. Not that I advocate hurting kids, just that some lessons can only be learned the hard way.


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