Net Worth

I work for the government with a contract of four years in this public institution.  Every year, we have to fill out a Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth.  You know what I wrote under assets?  I wrote down the following:
  • my promise ring (given by my husband) which is probably worth around PHP500.00
  • Watch (given by my mother before I left their home) which is worth more than PHP10,000.00
The rest of my stuff, I left it at their house thinking it wasn't mine to take.  

That is how much I'm worth: PHP 10,500.00

I didn't write down the other stuff who's ownership is under my name.  I'm thinking that anytime, it could be taken away from me by my parents (which I would readily give up to them).  

The things I didn't work hard for are not mine.

If there's anything that I'm working hard for right now is my family (my daughter and my husband).  But instead of belonging to me and claiming ownership, I belong to them.  I am at their bidding.  

My husband and I were talking about marriage and using his surname afterwards.  I always say that I'm going to use his name in all other things except in my white coat.  I told him that I'm offering the MD entirely to my parents who paid for my entire education.  I owe it to them.  (I guess this is also a liability because I'm trying to pay for it my whole life???)  Well, it seems that he's okay with that. (Thanks honey for not giving me a hard time.)

I was thinking maybe the only "thing" I own is my daughter.  But of course, she is not an object.  She has her own mind.  And I intend that she becomes her own GOOD person.  I pray that she turns out to be a street-smart, prim and proper, beautiful person that she is.  

She belongs to me in some other non-greedy way, and I belong to her.  I offer myself to her since she was born.  I am at her disposal... but of course, I won't let her know about that.  

Dear Lord, it's past 12am and I'm sleepy.  Need to go to the bench I call my bed every duty.  Good night!


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