Been Gone Away For Too Long

It's been months since my last blog.

This year is coming to a close and so much has happened already.

My darling daughter has already turned two recently and I could not be more happier knowing that she's as healthy as a horse.  I'm looking forward to the days when I'm going to toughen her up (instead of fattening her up).  She definitely keeps me up on my feet and stand at attention at all times.  She seems like she's going to hurt herself sometimes which worries me so.  There's so much energy in my little sweetheart that it's so hard to contain her.  Luckily, her nanny a.k.a. her stepmom can actually handle her very easily.

Work is relatively easy but I have to catch up on my reading ASAP.  As always, it's hard to start somewhere and sustain my reading momentum when it comes to reading academic books.  Oh, I forgot to say that I've been the chief complaint of a lot of people at work these days.  I have always been having trouble with the authorities.  Since I know myself well enough, I knew this was inevitable.

Hopefully, I'm going to finish the Kitchen's God Wife paperback that I have started along with Charlotte's Web.  

My "husband" gave me an engagement ring already that I put on every single day.  We are still in a relationship which became almost non-existent because I kind of rocked the boat.  The issue is still not over yet.  We are kind of having trouble getting over it.  We still love each other, of course.  Skype is helping us survive.

Need to go to bed.  It's past midnight and I have a lot of work tomorrow.


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