Like A Criminal

I have this headache from all the stress of moving out of my parents house.

I know everyone in this household already knows.  I'm moving out of my parents' home.

They know that I'm moving my stuff and my daughter's piece by piece.

I don't know the reason why I have to sneak out our things and switching off the CCTV camera controls in their bedroom before I try to load my getaway car - a hired cab - because I don't think there is no point at all.  However, I hate confrontation.  That is why, I have to move out our belongings when they're not around.

Awhile ago, I had the false memo that everyone left already.  When I got out of my room to load the taxi that has arrived already in front of the house, I saw my brother going down the stairs.  I asked my nanny to see what my brother is doing and give me a go-signal if I'm good to go.  She ran up the stairs that my brother was in the kitchen eating his brunch.  So I took off with my heavy bags and ran out of the front door.  I must have been so hasty to look like a criminal in my parents' CCTV cameras which, at this very moment, they are rewinding to watch over and over and discuss how they raised a potential criminal for a daughter.


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